Apple Redefines the Buffalo Wing

buffalo wild wings

Okay, so maybe the title is a little overboard. Forget the title. Popular restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings is currently testing out iPads at customer tables.

The grill and bar chain is housing the tablets in a tough case and allowing for customers to use the device to take their food and drink orders from their table. This is very cool idea, but it obviously needs some testing. It’s especially good at an environment like Buffalo Wild Wings, which is typically a bit louder than most restaurants, and serves drinks and chicken wings, so customers may sit and be constantly ordering food as the night goes by and they watch sports on the large flat-panel TVs in the facility.

Furthermore, users will be able to log into their Facebook, surf the web or play games while waiting for their food. It may be a good distraction for the kids.

The purpose of the testing at this point, however, is to see whether or not purchasing via the tablet works, or if it would be better served as an entertainment device for those dining in to have something to do as they wait for their meals.

It’s an interesting idea, and we’ve seen similar stuff in the past (we love ordering food at Wawa, and I wish they had one some in Texas) and it’s always easy and convenient.

The iPad is already gaining popularity in the workplace and in the medical field. It was only a matter of time before we started ordering Buffalo wings with them.

[Via MacWorld]

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