Apple Sued, May Face Fine for Selling iPads in China

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Apple is doing so well in China. They are quickly growing in App consumption, and they are even having trouble meeting demand for the iPhone 4S. However, it seems that someone may be opposed to their selling of the iPad in mainland China. That’s the story according to some reports.

According to Shenzhen-based Proview Technology,it’s over an intellectual property rights violation. Proview Technology claims the rights to the name iPad, as does Apple. The case was filed in 2011, and is now pending hearing by the Pudong district court in Shanghai later this month. The suit seeks 240 million yuan ($38 million).

Xie Xianghui, a lawyer representing Proview Technology Shenzhen, says that they want the court to make Apple “stop selling and marketing for Apple’s iPad in China. We also demand an apology.”

According to him Proview Shenzhen Technology owns the iPad trademark in China, and has since 2001.

Here’s a portion of the report:

 Proview Taiwan, which is affiliated with the Shenzhen company but did not legallyrepresent it, sold the trademark to UK-based IP Application Development. The UK companythen resold the rights to Apple, Xie said.

However, reports also indicate that the transaction did not include the rights to the name in mainland China.

It’s also noted that Apple sued Proview Shenzhen last year to gain the rights to the iPad name, but they lost the lawsuit. This was widely reported around early December 2011.

[Reports via ECNS and China Daily]


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