Apple to Hold “Strange” Event, Internet Speculates [Update]



[Update] Yeah, it seems that it may not be true after all. (Link) Original Report follows:

We usually want more information than “strange” event when we are considering Apple-related news. However, this story has been making some major rounds on the internet, so we definitely have to acknowledge the rumor.

According to website Macotakara, Apple will hold the iPad 3 event around March. However, there is rumored to be another “strange” event around February. March is probably becoming the regular iPad event month. As for February, if the rumor is at all accurate, it will be an industry-type event. Think along the lines of the Apple education event in January.

Again, it’s not a product event. That’s if it’s even actually happening. Still, Macotakara’s source does say that the iPad announcement and release will happen in March, just as it did last year. As for the iPad 3 itself, it’s not expected to look unlike the iPad 2. It’s speculated that it will look very similar with very minor changes on the outside and most of the work will be under the hood, as well as the addition of the Retina Display.

[Macotakara via AppleInsider]


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