Apple TV Supplies Run Low, Apple in No Rush to Replenish

Apple TV - 2G

Apple TV units are running low at retailers, according to reports. The interesting bit is that Apple seems to be in no hurry to restock them. This usually happens when the folks at Cupertino are gearing up for a new product release. In this case the new product would obviously be a 3rd-gen Apple TV.

This is just rumor for now, but we have heard here and there that Apple is planning on updating their not-totally-popular set-top box. The rumor is that Apple will update the device along side the iPad, which is due for a refresh with the iPad 3 next week.

There are also reports that Apple is stalling Apple TV shipments to retailers. They say that Apple has been pushing back deliveries. Still, Apple’s website says that the set-top box is still available. Perhaps Apple will announce a new Apple TV this month at the iPad event. Still, it makes us wonder a bit since the iPad is such a major part of Apple’s product line that we’d think they would give it its own event.

Either way, we will find out for sure in about a week.

[Via Apple Insider]

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