Apple’s Response to Nightline Report

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Nightline’s special report took a close look at Foxconn’s factories, and found out how many devices are made each day and how much employees make hourly. However, Apple has chimed in to clear a few things up, as have Foxconn and the Fair Labor Association.

One woman said that she files aluminum shavings from 6,000 iPads per day. Apple came back to say that the woman’s line actually does 3,000 units per shift. There are two shifts each day, which total 6,000, but the employee works a single shift each day.

As for pay, the FLA and Foxconn said that more than 3/4 of employees make at least $349 a month. That totals out to $2.18 an hour, which is more than what was claimed by the report. If they work overtime, their pay goes up to $4.28 an hour.

Also worth noting is that the FLA actually began discussions with Apple back in 2007.

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