Arkon Heavy Duty 22″ Tablet Table Mount (Review)










iPad Table mount

Heavy Duty Tablet Table Mount

Product Description:

Arkon’s Universal Heavy Duty Tablet Table Mount features an innovative holder that adjusts to fit any 7″ – 12″ tablet and a 22″ adjustable aluminum arm. The drill-in base allows solid and secure mounting.

    • Innovative, adjustable holder fits any tablet 7″-12″ with or without a case or skin
    • 22″ adjustable aluminum arm with drill-in base for secure table or counter mounting
    • 3 articulating joints and 360° rotating head allow for optimum positioning
    • Aluminum construction: lightweight and strong

Our impressions:

We have tested several mounts from Arkon in the past year, we can tell you that design and quality is getting better.

The sturdy hinges for controlling arm are pretty good and very easy to tighten. The tablet holding system is just like other tablet mounts we have tested.

It works. Since it’s spring loaded, you need to find the right way to push device into the clamps.  You are given two extra clamps in case the ones on the unit should break.

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