Asymco Data Shows First 7-Quarter Sales of Popular Apple Devices

 Apple Device Sales

 The iPad, iPhone and iPod have all done wonderful things for Apple. Each product has also become more successful than the last. It makes sense as the iPod launched when MP3 players were still just gaining popularity.

The iPhone seemed to become a hit pretty quick, but even that didn’t grow as fast as the iPad. Still, it’s growth was much faster than the original iPod.

The iPad? That had a lot going for it. Apple was already on everyone’s radar, and the hype that surrounded Apple’s cool new device was unlike anything we’ve seen surrounding the company before. Everyone was talking about the device. Even people like my grandparents, who don’t follow nor care to follow the technology world took notice when they saw this thing.

That’s why it’s no surprise that the iPad has sold like it has, and that its first seven quarters on the market were met with phenomenal sales.

[Via Asymco]

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