AT&T Appealing Ruling in Throttling Case

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AT&T is appealing a judge’s ruling in a throttling case. This move is likely to defend itself from a possible onslaught of cases that can be brought against the telecommunications giant as they have about 17 million subscribers on “unlimited” plans.

As MacWorld points out, this would be a legal nightmare for AT&T if others start moving in to sue. Late last week we learned of a ruling in California that awarded a man named Mat Sparccerelli $850. AT&T obviously doesn’t want that, as it will open the floodgates for more lawsuits.

Also worth noting, as MacWorld points out, AT&T’s contracts actually don’t allow users to form class actions lawsuits against the company. This means that users must file individual lawsuits if they have a bone to pick with AT&T, or submit to an arbitrator.

Get your popcorn, ladies and gentlemen, this should be fun.

[Via MacWorld]

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