Best Buy Takes a Guess At Apple’s HDTV

Best Buy Survey

We’ve heard rumor upon rumor about Apple’s HDTV. They all come from multiple sources and say that Apple plans on releasing an HDTV sometime this year. Nothing is known about it other than the fact that it’s likely a TV with an Apple touch.

Best Buy, Apple’s biggest friend in retail, has their own guess for how the thing will look and work. It comes from a customer survey that seems to more or less ask them if they are interested in this not-yet-existent product:

It describes a 42″ 1080p LED flat panel display with iOS built-in. It says it’s running the same software as Apple TV in its current form, which is basically an App that runs within iOS on startup. It allows owners to play app son the big screen and makes use of iCloud. Everything functions just as Apple TV does.You can also use your iPad, iPod touch and iPhone as a remote control. That’s just like Apple TV as well.

New information? Let’s pretend for a bit that this is all true. The TV will have a built-in FaceTime  camera (which they are still calling iSight in the survey) and a microphone for Skype, which we can safely guess on our own will also be used for Siri. As for a price? They are thinking along the lines of  $1500.

This may not really mean anything. It’s likely a smart marketing person at Best Buy who follows the techblogs and figured they would ask a few questions about people’s thoughts on Apple’s rumored TV set.

[Via Cult of Mac]



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