Complete Guide to iVampires Online

For the uninitiated, iVampires Online requires you to gain money, add skills, and through this acquire territories and levels along the way. Quests are the base way that you receive blood, which is the currency. To do some of these quests you are going to need skills, which you purchase with blood.
Territories are like Monopoly squares that give you rent on a semi-hourly basis, depending on the class of vampire you select. You also are forced to add people to your “clan,” which is suspiciously like a mob. To do this you go through the exact same process as you would in iMob Online, which means finding people’s account number and sending them friend requests.  This is all part of the variable system that iVampires employs, which is fun once you get the hang of how it operates.  Here is a complete guide on how to play iVampires Online right from the beginning.

Adding iVampires Online Friends
To begin adding friends go down to the Invite tab, whose button is located on the far right hand side of the bottom task bar. From here you are given a number of different options for adding people to your iVampires Online Clan. You can start by using the Location tool that, when you open it, begins searching in your geographic area for other iVampires Online players. This GPS function can be an incredibly good option if you are in a dense population area such as urban or suburban environments. You can try to do this when traveling where you check in different locations and send invitations to your iVampires Online Clan accordingly. Unfortunately, you have to go through each potential Clan member individually then wait for the Success window informing you that the invitation has been sent.

Friend Codes
The next option is the Friend Code and is often the easiest way to pack Clan members in. When you open this you are given a text box where you can enter other peoples Friend Codes to send them invites. Your Friend Code is listed right below this, and you want to make sure people are able to get access to this so they will add you. My Friend Code is 118081495.
The primary way that you will find a large sum of iVampires Online Friend Codes is to go onto message boards and social networking tools, find them en masse, and entree them.  If you want an alternative for finding iVampires Online friend codes then you will have to go with one of the iPhone app options. iVampires Friend Finder is a nicely put together application. There are a number of different features, news feeds, and information dispelled about possible friends. The point here is that little of this matter because the information you get does not help you in the effort of getting everyone you possibly can into your iVampires Online clan and the entire design actually slows down the invitation process. If the Friend Codes you are looking at are in an open iPhone application then by the very situation you cannot be looking at said Friend Codes while entering them into iVampires Online. This creates a back and forth issue that is awkward and not worth it. For $2.99 it can feel more like you are paying for a slight inconvenience instead of a useful addition to iVampires Online.

Pending Invites
If you want to see who is trying to add you to their iVampires Online Clan the game gives you an obvious option. When you open up iVampires Online and look at the Invite button on the bottom task bar will have a number on it if there are a certain number of people trying to send you invitations. When you select the Invite button and go to the top Pending option in the list you can select it and see all of the people that are sending you an invitation. Here you can go through them individually to Accept invitations or hit Accept All at the bottom of the list.
Skill Weapons
For those seasoned to the text-based iPhone RPG metropolis weapons and items are an essential feature. These are usually required in by name and numbers by jobs you perform and the only way to save face on the battle field. iVampires Online attempts to mix this up in a mediocre way by labeling these as Skills that you apply to your character. They work in an identical way and have a certain pattern of application if you want to hit the level of Bram Stoker in iVampires Online.
Top of the Line
When purchasing skills you are going to want to get the highest level that your finances will allow. What this means is that you have to start off focusing in on both Quests and Territories so that you can begin purchasing higher level Skills. Once you hit the maximum number for your level and Clan size you should begin focusing in on the highest level. Once you hit that number, it is time to begin getting rid of lower level skills. This number is decided through a Clan calculation where each Clan member is allowed one of each type of skill and you are only allowed a number of members that is equal to ten times your current level. Do that calculation and you will see exactly how many skills in each category that will be allowed. If you have more than this number it is possible that the lower level Skills will be employed instead of the higher level ones. You want to get the highest level skills available and get rid of the lower level ones completely because they will only work against you.
There are three types of skills that are in use. The Basic Skills are similar to weapons, the Protective Skills are similar to defensive items, and the Undead Curses are unique to iVampires Online. Since each Clan member is able to have one of each there needs to be a focus on all of these when adding to your iVampires Online account. Basic Skills are going to be cheaper and more powerful ones will be available at a lower level so these should be the primary focus of purchasing when starting out in iVampires Online. Once you get to upper levels you must begin stocking up on Undead Curses because this is what will define successful iVampires Online players in battle.

iVampires Nobility Points
iVampires Nobility Points are similar to Respect Points in different games and indicate points that are extra-ordinary that allow you to purchase things in the game you would either have to earn or wait for.  You get some of these iVampires Nobility Points for free by starting the game, downloading updates, and installing other games from The Godfather.  It used to be that you would just purchase iVampires Nobility Points regularly, but you can also complete offers now that will give you the points.  Neither the offers nor regular payment is worth it for the points as it is essentially a way that you cheat in the game and there are usually enough ways of receiving free iVampires Nobility Points that you do not need to concern yourself with this.  When you are using Nobility Points you want to use them almost exclusively for money early on since the things like Fury and Health regain on their own and it is so easy to add Recruits because of the Friend Code system.
Starting Over
iVampires Online requires you to be making correct choices right from the very beginning. Just one wrong move can damage you in later levels and prevent you from hitting the ranks of the top iVampires Online players. What this means is that an early mistake, especially for those who level up too quickly, you may want to just start over instead of attempting to work your way through it. Thankfully, iVampires Online comes with a built in ejection seat that will allow you to start your game over. This built in function is also in iMob Online and Girl Wars Online.

If you are ready to reset your iVampires Online account go ahead and hit the Home button on the lower task bar. Go ahead and select My Profile from the available menu options. Here you will see all of your statistics, performance numbers, and the list of skills you have and what territories you have acquired. At the very top of this is the button to let you post or view comments. If you scroll to the very bottom of this page you will see a long grey button that says Reset in the middle. If you press this you will then be given a window that tells you that you will lose all of your statistics, skills, and territories. Go ahead and press ok to continue with this and you will reset back to level zero and everything you have acquired will be lost.
Clan Comfort
The only thing that you will be able to maintain after the account reset is all the people you have added to your clan. The reason for this is that it would be unfair to all the other people that have you in their clan if you just remove yourself from it. This makes resetting your iVampires Online account a little less painful as it makes it easier to get going in your new account.

This makes it a good way to continue your path forward with only a few steps back. If you are planning on resetting make sure that you have a large enough clan to make it worth it.

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