Creating a New iDVD Project

iDVD is an easy to use DVD authoring program that will let even the most novice computer users to burn a DVD. There are a number of features that can make iDVD even easier, such as Magic DVD and OneStep DVD, but the regular iDVD format will allow for you to create a little more complicated and personal DVD authoring project. Here is a step by step iDVD tutorial on how to create a new project in iDVD to build a fully realized DVD project.

Getting the Project Ready

Start by opening iDVD and selecting Create a New Project from the opening window, which is the top option. This will then give you a prompt to save your new iDVD project with a name. Name your iDVD project in line with the film that you are burning the DVD for. You will also need to choose the proper aspect ratio for your DVD, which is important as it is not going to conform properly if you pick the one that is not represented by the film that you are burning to this DVD.

Next you are going to choose from the available themes, which will allow you to select ones from your iDVD 7 or iDVD 6. This will decide the way your DVD menus will end up looking and the overall media presentation that users. will see. These are fairly complete iDVD themes including animated displays and music. If you go over to the Buttons button you can then choose the type of buttons you will want, and then select Media to choose the type of media you are going to want to bring into the project.

In the lower left hand corner of the iDVD project display will be a “+” button, and you can select that and then choose to add different items such as a Submenu or Movie. Once you do select to Add Movie there will be an Add Movie Here label added to your DVD menu. Go ahead and find your video file that you want to bring onto this DVD and then drag and drop it onto that Add Movie Here label. When you actually preview the DVD by selecting the Play button you will find that the video actually plays when that button is selected.

If you would like to then change the music that is playing with the theme you can start by either selecting from the music that is listed under Audio when you select Media, or just find the music files on your computer. Drag and drop the chosen file onto the general menu template that is making up the main display of your iDVD project and you will switch from the theme’s audio track to your own.

Now that you have started the iDVD project and it is ready to go you can then add as many videos as you want, put different graphics or videos into the available drop zones, or begin to put in more complicated DVD authoring features like chapters and extra buttons. iDVD includes enough features that once you get off the ground you will be able to customize it to fit the overall perspective of your film project.


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