Dilbert Disses Mid-Sized Tablets

iPad Mini

Dilbert is very hit or miss with some of us. We get the humor, but it’s more something that those who work 9-5 office jobs can related to and laugh at. Still, not all the humor is lost on the rest of us. This recent Dilbert comic takes a knock at mid-sized tablets and the whole niche market thing.

We can’t post it here (legal stuff), but the link is below so that you can check it out by hitting the following link: Dilbert on smaller tablets.

There have been rumors of a smaller iPad for several years. Steve Jobs himself said it wouldn’t happen, but there have been more reports of Apple at least testing the idea. Of course it’s not unlikely that they would be testing several tablet sizes in order to find the size that feels right. Other devices like Samsung’s first Galaxy Tab were somewhat of an in-between size, but didn’t manage to get it quite right. Neither did BlackBerry’s PlayBook. So far, the only smaller tablet to really get much praise and attention is Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which seems to be making a bit of an impact in the tablet market.

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