Duracell Powermat WiCC – Wireless Charging on the Horizon?

Powermat WiCC

Image Credit: Engadget

This could end up being very cool. It’s the Duracell Powermat WiCC. (Wireless Charing Card) it integrates the PowerMat technology in mobile devices like smartphones. However, as Engadget, which got a first hands-on with this explains, it relies heavily on whether or not device manufacturers go along with it.

Manufacturers will have to add a certain component above the battery leads, two for power, two for NFC and two for data, says the report. An additional app would monitor the battery’s charge progress. The connector is said to cost mere pennies to implement into handsets, which means it could be easy for manufacturers to add. The charging device itself a a small, thin rectangular object that rests on top of the battery underneath the cover.

Powermat was able to test it out on a Samsung Galaxy S II, thanks to the phone’s construction, and the way the battery is placed, they said id worked well.

The downside? It’s unlikely that this thing will be on the market anytime soon, even Powermat says that they expect other products to hit before their Wireless Charging Card.

You can see more photos at Engadget: Link

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