Fall Releases to become the New iPhone Launch Pattern?

iPhone 4S

In previous years, the iPhone has always seen a summer announcement and launch. However, 2011 was different. The handset launched in October, and despite initial reactions, it went on to be the best-selling iPhone to date.

According to website Macotakara, a source they deem reliable is claiming that the next iPhone will also launch in the fall. We’ve heard this report go both ways. Some seem to believe that the October launch of the iPhone 4S was a one-time thing, and others seem to believe that it will be the new launch schedule. We’ve speculated in the past about this.

We have not insider information, but we think a fall launch from here on out could work for Apple. The device sold very well, and the release window is just in time for the holiday season, making it an even bigger item on peoples’ wish lists.

If speculation is right, the next iPhone will be announced and launch in October, just as the iPhone 4S was. It will also support LTE connectivity, which is something that will also come with the iPad 3, if reports are accurate.

Now the real question: Will Apple call it the iPhone 6? Everyone is calling it the iPhone 5, even though it’s Apple’s sixth-gen phone.

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