Former Apple Employee Tells Story of How Steve Jobs Motivated the iPhone Team


Back when Steve Jobs was leading the development of the first iPhone, he had ways of motivating his team. Sure, he was known as a scary boss, but he had some ideas about the iPhone and was obviously able to convey them to the team making it.

According to website Apple Insider, Steve had one simple mission. It wasn’t about the Apps or the media it would be able to house. Nope. It was as simple as creating a phone that people would love so much that they would never leave home without it.

Former iPhone product manager Bob Borchers recalls the story, “He wanted to create the first phone that people would fall in love with. That’s what he told us,” says Borchers.

Being an engineer, the idea was foreign to Borchers, “What the heck does that mean?” he asked himself. The idea, he says, after saying that Jobs was right, “he wanted to create something so instrumental and integrated into peoples’ lives that you’d rather leave your wallet at home than your iPhone.”

The story is interesting, and it’s worth reading the full report at AppleInsider. There are plenty more details about the iPhone and a bit of a story as to why the iPhone commercials always showed the time as 9:42am.



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