Google to Open Retail Store in Dublin

Google Store

Google is planning to open a 1,323 square foot stand-alone retail store in Dublin, it’s European headquarters, according to reports, this was discovered in a filing by the search giant.

It’s not exactly clear what a Google store would be, but it would be open to the public and it would sell Google merchandise, a report says. Some speculate that this would be Google’s way of competing with Apple, which already has a strong footing in the retail sector with their 361 worldwide Apple Stores. The report also goes on to remind us that Google is working on buying handset maker Motorola, likely for selling Android handsets with Google’s name on them.

However, the company spoke with Bloomberg and said “We’ve not made any decisions, it’s simply a planning application,” when asked about the retail store.

It’s also worth noting that while this is Google’s first stand-alone store, this is not their first store. They have opened shops within larger electronics stores (think of Apple’s mini-store located within Best Buy) to sell notebooks with their Chrome OS.


Microsoft Does it, Too

Microsoft also launched retail stores, likely also in an effort to reach out to shoppers the way Apple Stores have. The advantage is that they can sell the products they want, offer the technical support they want to offer and do it all within their own retail location. In fact, we’ve read that many Microsoft Stores open next to Apple Stores. They even share some similar looks based on the images we’ve seen.


Other Stores

Off the top of our heads, we can recall that Sony has their own stores as well. They obviously sell Sony-branded products, and while they definitely aren’t as popular as Apple Stores, they seem to draw in their crowd. Nintendo has one retail store in New York, and it’s used as a retail location and a promotional tool as many times throughout the year Nintendo will hold special launch events at their Nintendo World Store to bring in crowds of eager fans as they promote their latest game.


Google Merchandise?

We’re not sure how likely it is that folks walking around Dublin will be able to buy a Google baseball cap, but anything’s possible. In all seriousness, it’s likely that some merchandise such as shirts/mugs will be sold, but the main goal of the Google store will be to sell Chromebooks and Google-branded smartphones, tablets, etc.

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