Hands-On Review: Abound Hexagonal Stylus Pen

We’re suckers for attractive styli here at iSmashPhone.com.  While they all perform the same basic function, the ones we gravitate to emphasize form as well as functionality — and, for that matter, don’t forget that you can’t spell “functionality” without F-U-N.

So we definitely got a kick out of iThrough’s “High-Sensitive Hexagonal Stylus Pen“, a/k/a the Abound (US$9.89 for one, with price reductions if you buy in volume, plus free registered airmail shipping).  It’s a chunky, aluminum pencil-style drawing device with the traditional soft-nub tip, and comes in black, silver, or red; while the iThrough listing advertises it for first- and second-gen iPad’s, it’ll work just fine with iPhones, iTouches, or any other capacitive-touchscreen device.  Not only that, but it looks nice, feels great in the hand, and would make a great conversation piece just sitting on our desk.

Hmm.  Where have we heard that before?

Oh yeah…here.  Turns out iThrough’s Abound stylus is a dead ringer for the JustMobile AluPen we’ve raved about in the past — only the AluPen, once VAT and DHL shipping from Germany is factored in, will cost you five times more than the iThrough version.  Frankly, we’ll take the less-expensive version and use the money we save to get a quality case for our iDevice, thank you very much.



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