Here Are Your Leaked iPad 3 Images of the Day

 Alleged iPad 3 Backside

The iPad 3 is said to be on the road for a reveal in early March. We’ve seen a few leaked parts, rather we’ve seen a few supposed parts leaked. We’ve seen the inside of the iPad’s aluminum back, we’ve seen panels said to be the device’s display and more. Today, two more parts have made their way to the internet. We obviously don’t know if they are legit, but they are worth taking a look at, if anything so we can come back and see how accurate or inaccurate they were when the device is actually released.


The Back, The Camera

This one comes from a Taiwan-based publication called the Apple Daily (via AppleInsider). They published the photos early this weekend, and they say that the device shown here will have an 8mp sensor. You can see an image of the case below, whether it’s real or not is nothing that we can determine right now:

Alleged iPad 3 Backside

The major difference is seen on the camera. The lens is slightly larger to accommodate the new sensor, which may match that of the iPhone 4S, if the rumor is at all accurate. We don’t even know if it’s a real iPad 3 part in the first place.  It’s also noted that the case is slightly more beveled, which would give it room for a larger battery.

iPad 3 Logic Board? A5X Processor? 

There is also an image circulating (via CultofMac) that shows what is said to be the iPad 3 logic board. Within it, is an “A5X” processor. If the image is real, this means there will be no A6 in the iPad 3. The image popped up on a forum on Chinese website WeiPhone. Chances are that this processor won’t be the quad-core everyone was hoping for. Also noted is the change of the codename. The A4 in the original iPad was called S5L8930X, the iPad 2’s A5 chip was called the S5L8940X and this one is labeled with S5L8945X, notes the report.

iPad 3 supposed A5X

What’s Real, What Isn’t?

Wound’t that be nice to know. For now we just have to approach everything with a healthy dose of skepticism, but still consider the possibilities. We will find out what’s in the tablet for sure by March when it’s announced. No telling what the A5X is, that is if the A5X is even a real processor.

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