How Do Some Developers Manipulate App Store Rankings?


Some developers make use of services that go to great lengths to improve App Store placement. While some methods are honest, and do things correctly, such as good ol’ fashioned marketing and press releases, others do things that aren’t quite as appreciated by Apple. In fact, Apple recently issued a friendly reminder telling developers that doing things that manipulate app rankings and placement can cause you to lose your license.

According to a recent report (via Inside Mobile Apps) some of these services manipulate ranking by using download bots. These are contributing to loads of fraudulent downloads for the apps. What’s more? Many of the developers, even the big names, knew about these. They’ve known about it for a long time. However, there isn’t much they can do about it. Apple may have to step in, but aside from threatening to remove developers who make use of some services, it’s unclear if anything has been done.

Developers expressed a few other concerns. Some said that they may have used such services without realizing it as they paid for app marketing, and they saw sharp rises in app downloads but no rise in usage statistics. Many said they have moved on to other ways to push their apps to the public.

Read the full report at InsideMobileApps.

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