In 2011, Apple Became the World’s #1 Seller of Smartphones

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We know you’re tired of hearing it. The iPhone is kicking butt in sales. Well, it’s kicking butt in sales. In fact, Apple became the worlds biggest seller of smartphones.

On top of that, they have topped LG to become number 3 when it comes to mobile phones in general. According to the sales figures, Apple has a 19 percent share of smartphone sales for 2011. Then, during the fourth quarter of the year, it made up 23.8 percent of smartphones sold worldwide.

They have also become the worlds third largest seller of cellphones. They moved past LG and now sit just behind Samsung and Nokia.

As far as OSes go, Google’s Android remains at the top with just a bit over half market share at 50.9 percent. iOS is second place with 23.9 percent marketshare. However, their smartphone OS is only available on three handsets: the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, which is pretty good.

The rest don’t even come close after the top two, with Nokia’s Symbian OS at 11.7 percent, RIM’s BlackBerry OS at 8.8 and Samsung’s Bada with 2.1. Windows Phone? 1.9 percent.

[Via Apple Insider]

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