iOS Surpasses Android for Ad Impressions in North America

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According to mobile advertiser InMobi (via Electronista), iOS has overtaken Android in North American ad impressions, growing a full 12.1 points between Oct. and Jan.
Apple’s huge success with the iPhone 4S and iPad devices may be leading to huge ad impressions, says InMobi’s VP and managing director for North America, Anne Frisbie.
The report says that traffic from iOS devices reached 35.3 percent in January, while it was at 32.7 percent for Android and BlackBerry is falling at 11.6 percent. The reason for iOS taking the top spot, according to InMobi, is that Android actually fell 3.2 points, which gave Apple the advantage.
The poor, struggling  BlackBerry dropped 8.9 points. They were up at 20.5 in October.

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