iPad 3 Around the Corner: Let’s Speculate!

ipad 2

The iPad 3 is no doubt around the corner. We’ve heard rumor after rumor. We’ve heard multiple reports and there are even supposed leaked parts emerging. It happens every year. Not to mention, Apple typically updates their product lines on a yearly basis, so it makes complete sense that they would introduce a new iPad this spring.

That said, let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the stuff we’ve heard and so some speculating of our own.

1) The iPad will debut the first week of March

This report comes from All Things D. They say that Apple will introduce the next iPad during the first week of March. As always, the event is going to be held in San Francisco, and likely at the Yerba Buena Center for the ARts, as Apple has done many times in the past. However, there is no information on when the device will launch. Last year, the iPad 2 was announced and launched about a week later, so it’s likely that Apple will want to do something similar. This is likely 100 percent true. For one, Apple saves the iPad for March – April; two, it’s All Things D, so it’s probably true. Their source is good.


2) Retina Display at 2048×1536

This rumor has been around since the before the iPad 2 was released. Many expected the tablet to have a high-resolution display, but when it was released, the screen looked much like the original iPad and was the same resolution. Some were disappointed, but most of this was probably because the rumors hyped it up beyond what the device would ever be. On top of that, Apple was likely testing Retina-enabled iPads, or prepping for them in some way as there were versions of images found within iOS builds that included high-resolution versions.


3) A6 Processor

The iPad 3 is likely to have an A6 processor. However, there were rumors that the next would house a quad-core A6 processor. It’s not entirely clear if this is going to be the case, but The Verge’s Josh Topolsky says that his sources have indicated a dual-core processor in the iPad 3. However, it will still be significantly faster than the iPad 2. That’s good, but it’s not the quad-core chip that many were waiting for. Still, if the thing zooms past the current model, we’re sure people will be happy with it.



4) Siri 

Siri is also likely to be added to the iPad 3. Apple introduced it with the iPhone 4S, and is likely to include it in all future iOS devices. We hope that Apple decides to update some of Siri’s capabilities in the near future as she still isn’t allowed to do things such as launch applications. We will excuse it since the software is still in Beta, but we truly hope that Apple manages to release a device that fully interacts with our voices. The traditional touch interface would be best, but it would be nice to be able to say, “Launch Facebook” and have the device open up your Facebook App, etc.



5) A look at Supposed iPad Casing Reveals More – Better Battery, Thicker Profile? 

The images below are said to be from the iPad 3. They are the back casing of the tablet. So we can see that it’s aluminum (Duh, but we do remember rumors saying that it was going to be some sort of lighter, durable plastic-like material). The device will look much like the iPad 2, but may be slightly thicker.

The camera is also said to be different as is the display. Also noteworthy is that there’s more room for the battery, meaning that the battery life may be improved in this device.

iPad casing

iPad 3 case

It’s All Rumor for Now

About the only two rumors we’d be willing to put our money on are the expected announcement and the Retina display. We’re sure the A6 processor is real, but we have no idea whether or not it will be dual-core or quad-core. Siri is also a safe bet, but we will know for sure when the tablet is announced.

We’re sure more leaks will come along as the device nears launch.

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