iPad 3 Rumor Roundup — Everything We’ve Heard for Now

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The iPad 3 is likely in the works. We expect to see it announced around March and launched quickly after that. Rumors have come and gone, but now it’s time to take a look back at all the stuff we’ve been hearing. Just what does Apple have planned for the iPad 3 reveal? We won’t know until then. Still, we can look at the rumors and speculate.

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1) Retina Display

This rumor has existed since before the iPad 2. We all figured it would arrive with the tablet, because the Retina display was in the iPhone 4 and the iPod touch. It didn’t happen. Perhaps it was difficult to make a high-res display that would fit the iPad at the time while keeping costs down. Either way, it’s likely to happen this year as many would be enticed by the extra-sharp, vivid visuals the Retina display provides.


2) Better Camera

This one has also been rumored. The camera is going to be better than that of the current iPad. However, no one knows for sure just how much better “better” is. It may be just a small step up from the iPad 2, or it may be something closer to what we see in the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. I’m not a betting man, but I will say I imagine it to be just a small step up as we don’t imagine many users carrying their iPad around as a primary camera.


3) More or less the same design

We’ve also heard that the iPad 3 will have a similar design to the iPad 2. Again, this is all rumor and speculation, but it may make sense if the tablet at all follows Apple’s iPhone pattern. They seem to more or less keep things the same for two years then give it a major overhaul both inside and out. Still, Apple can surprise everyone and make it a totally new design. Still, if you ask me, the iPad 2 is a great design. Of course I thought the same thing about the original iPad.


4) Quad-Core A6 Processor

We have heard many times that it will be a quad-core A6 processor. That’s probably the next step up. The A5 chip is pretty rocking, but something like this would scream. The added importance of gaming on mobile devices and iOS games’ rise in popularity make this a good choice as developers want more muscle and hardcore gamers want their games to look more and more realistic.


5) 4G LTE Support

It’s rumored that the next iPad will feature 4G connectivity. This is more likely to happen with the iPad 3 as the larger body of the tablet allows for a larger battery. Something the iPhone doesn’t have yet, therefore 4G is still not available on Apple’s handset. The other rumor related to connectivity is that the iPad 3 may be a world tablet. One iPad will connect to multiple networks. This is much easier from a sales standpoint, and from a consumer standpoint. However, carriers may not be as fond of the idea.


6) Siri

Siri, which debuted in October with the iPhone 4S is possible in the iPad 3. Siri is the iPhone 4S’ killer app. It does voice recognition very well, but is still in beta. Apple is likely to want to expand it to their other devices over time and it won’t be surprising to see it featured in the iPad and eventually the Mac as well as Apple’s rumored HDTV.


Will the iPad 3 Release Date be in March?

It’s rumored that the iPad 3 will release in March. This is because the iPad 2 was released during that month, and the original iPad was released in April. Spring has become Apple’s target iPad launch window based on past years. It’s likely that they will keep it that way for the time being.


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