MacBook Pro Getting the MacBook Air Look?

MacBook Air

The MacBook Pro may be getting a radical redesign, if rumors are to be believed. The latest comes from AppleInsider, whose sources say that Apple is planning to release a lighter, thinner MacBook Pro that drops the optical drive and takes on a MacBook Air-like form-factor.

If AppleInsider’s report is accurate, the company will release the upgraded MacBook Pro sometime in 2012. It will be a totally new design that’s more like the MacBook Air than it is the current MacBook Pro. Expect the thin unibody design that made the  MacBook Air popular. The optical drive will be gone and the solid state drive will take over. Battery life and instant-on are also expected from this laptop.

Meanwhile, the current MacBook Pro design will be phased out through the rest of the year.

We’ve heard similar rumors in the past. It seems likely that Apple wants to go this direction as Steve Jobs said in 2010 that they expect all notebooks to be like this one day, referring to the MacBook Air. This could also cut costs to the consumer and make the laptop more durable as there is no longer a spinning hard drive.

[Via Apple Insider]

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