Messages Beta Hands-On (iSmashPhone Review)


Messages is now available for Mac as a Beta. To be quite honest, we were hoping for this. We always thought Messages would make it’s way onto the Mac eventually. We just didn’t know how or when. Either way, the idea of texting our friends on their iOS 5 devices from our Mac seemed appealing. Especially to those of us with fat fingers.

Messages for Mac looks pretty much like the iPad app. It has a column to the far left with the various recipients, and the right 3/4s of the screen is for your messages:


iOS MEssages

Our messages got a little mixed up for some reason.

You can even initiate a FaceTime call within the app. This will launch the separate FaceTime application on your Mac.

It works just like the iPad app. You touch the little “New Message” icon and choose a recipient or group of recipients. From there, you type a message, attach an image, video or file and hit send. Simple as that. The only problem is that (as far as we can see) there is no full view of your contact list. You must have someone in mind when trying to send a message.

The thing to keep in mind is that the other users must have iOS 5  on their mobile device (or Messages on their Mac) for you to be able to text them. While iOS 5 is on more phones now than it was when it debuted, it’s still hard to find many friends with the proper software and hardware.

The Verdict

The software is still in beta. There isn’t really a lot to say. It works. It works well so far. We can text our friends. We think the software is very cool. Still, don’t expect to be blown away by anything here. It’s just Messages ported over from your iOS device and configured for Mac. Just download the free beta and enjoy it for what it is: Download link

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