New Digital Video Articles Coming

As we head into a world of integrated technology, many of the media and art forms that seemed to be only relegated to big industry have now made their way to the more everyday consumer.  Photography, design, music recording, and now film and video have become in the grasp of people, and independent film and video artists are springing up more and more.  Our commitment has been to sharing the world of technology with our users, both about mobile platforms and the developing technologies at large.  There has been so much integration between the world of iDevices and the digital video revolution, so that we want to tap into this and begin sharing articles and topics with you that dive right into this field.

We are beginning a large-scale series of articles focused on the field of digital video and film.  This will range between looks at professional technology, software tutorials, filmmaking tips, and ideas from around the business and technology of this motion media.  Staff members here come from the professional film industry and want to begin sharing some of their background as new technologies emerge and can be shared around.  Continue to check with us as we enhance our digital video division and open up the ideas and possibilities of a new generation of media authors!

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