Next iPod Nano May be Camera-equipped (update)


iPod Nano rumored

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Update: Further reports say that the prototype above is flawed and is two months old.

These images may be real. Then again, they may be very fake. Either way, the source of the photos claims that they are of the next iPod Nano. It looks much like the current model, but features a camera. Everything else on the device would remain the same it seems.

If the information is real or accurate, the camera is 1.3 megapixels. We don’t know how practical an iPod Nano would be for camera use, but it could make a nice quick shot-type device for sure.

iPod Nano Rumored 2

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From the looks of it, the clip on the Nano actually holds the camera’s lens. One thing that’s noted by 9to5Mac is that the source of the images,, has a decent track record when it comes to part and spec leaks.

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