Nokia Announces Some New Products, Including a 41MP Camera Phone

Nokia Today Announced a few upcoming devices: 808 PureView, Lumia 610 and their line of Asha handsets. One of the handsets runs Windows Phone OS, the rest are all running Symbian. Let’s take a look at what was announced at Nokia’s event.

808 PureView

Nokia introduced the PureView 808, which they claim has a 41MP camera sensor. However, it’s said that the number isn’t exactly accurate. According to other information we’ve heard, it will be 38mp in 4:3 mode and 34MP in widescreen. It’s worth noting that because the sensor would make for insanely large images, it is set at a default of 5MP, and can be increased to 8MP. The benefit to this may be that it allows for oversampling, which will use multiple pixels to create one pixel or digital zooming, which basically just zeros in on a spot in the image.

They are using a 5-element Carl Zeiss lens, that’s a very good thing. Lenses are one of the most important things when it comes to a good photo. Megapixels? Not as much. As Gizmodo pointed out, “after a certain point, megapixels don’t matter.” Cameras have smaller sensors than fancy Nikon DSLRs. You can read their full breakdown here.

It also runs on Symbian and can do HD video. Audio can be recorded and played in 5.1 (the phone has no 5.1 playback itself, obviously, but has an HDMI out) as for recording at 5.1, we’re not sure that works all that great, either.


Lumia 610

Image Credit: Engadget

The Lumia 610 is running on the latest version of Windows Phone OS, known as Tango. This handset isn’t necessarily comparable to other smartphones on the market in terms of speed, based on what we’ve seen. It’s not exactly something that seems designed to compete some of the faster smartphones of today. Rather, it’s a phone made to bring Windows Phone OS to less-pricey devices.


Asha 202, 203 and 302

Nokia Asha 302 Image Credit: IntoMobile

This is a series of phones running Symbian. According to reports, they are unlikely to reach the States, but they reach the budget phone market, which is important for handset makers. All of these phones are priced at $130 or less, without contract. They are simpler phones made for consumers who don’t have the resources to spend half a grand on a smartphone. Still, most handsets like these are designed for developing countries, which is why it’s not likely they will hit the States. Still, that’s not impossible, and budget phones do have their market here.


Nokia Still Going With Symbian

We remember back when Nokia announced their Windows Phone devices. We wondered what would become of Symbian. It looks like they are still taking it seriously. Let’s just hope for their they can still market something like that in a world where iOS and Android are becoming increasingly popular.



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