NPD: iPhone the Top-Selling Cellphone in the US


According to NPD data, the iPhone 4S is the top-selling phone in the US. It took spot number one in smartphone sales. Second and third were…wait for it…the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS respectively.

Next was the Galaxy S II, Samsung’s Android phone. Just behind it was the Galaxy S 4G. NPD data also shows that Apple sold 75 percent more iPhone 4S handsets than it did iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 sold five times more than the iPhone 3GS.

It’s interesting, even a few months after launch, that the iPhone 4S is Apple’s best-selling iPhone. The iPhone 4 was a drastic change inside and out. Meanwhile, many spoke negatively about the iPhone 4S. It looked too similar to the iPhone 4, many didn’t care to think about what was under the hood.

The data also shows that more first-time smartphone buyers re going the Android route, as the chart below shows:

 NPD iPhone Sales

[Via Electronista]

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