Oops! Bogus Pokémon App Makes it to App Store


Someone at Apple was asleep at the wheel this weekend. It seems that a few apps based on big IPs have found their way in. Unfortunately, they aren’t official.

According to a report from VentureBeat, the three infringing apps are Pokémon Yellow (Nintendo), Digitmon+ (Bandai) and YuGiOh+ (Konami). According to the report, the seller is a certain Daniel Burford, who works under the name “House of Anime.”

As the report points out, there are also fake press quotes inserted in the App’s App Store page, such as “Fantastic and addictive gameplay. Six stars,” and “Just like the original. Only better because you can play it on the most intuitive device ever — the iPhone,” and more.

Furthermore, there are real user reviews on the page as well, and none of them seem positive. Most want their money back and are calling it a scam. It’s been confirmed by  VentureBeat that the app does nothing but loads a title screen and eventually crashes.

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