People Are Trading In Their Old iPads As They Await the iPad 3

iPad 2 Side Shot

As Apple prepares to announce the iPad 3 at a press event set to take place on March 7th, many have taken to trading in and selling their old tablets in hopes of picking up the latest and the greatest from Apple’s product line.

Popular buy back services like Gazelle are seeing a huge rise in tablet trade-ins. Almost 98 percent of those trades are, you guessed it, iPads. This has increased 10 fold over last year’s iPad trade-ins over the same period. Most of the trade-in units are said to be iPad 2s. This indicates that those who are picking it up are the same people who probably traded in their iPad 1 last year as they awaited the arrival of the iPad 2.

It already seems that many are anticipating the new device, which is expected to go on sale sometime in March within a week or two of it’s announcement on the 7th.

Another company that specializes in buying used consumer electronics, NextWorth, has also seen a huge jump in their iPad trade-ins, reports MacWorld. It’s also said that January didn’t see as many trade-ins as people may have been expecting the refresh, but were playing it safe and waiting for a confirmation of some sort.

[Via MacWorld]


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