Accessory Spotter: Photojojo iPhone Lens Wallet (Review)


iPhone lens wallet

Product Description:

Our arsenal of sweet lenses is your beloved pride and joy. While it’d be handy to keep your f/1.2 fifty prepped for a switcharoo, you wouldn’t dare jam it into your (possibly linty) pocket!

So why treat your most used lenses (A.K.A. your cell lenses) any different? Carry them safely in the iPhone Lens Wallet!

iPhone Lens Wallet

When if comes to smartphone photography Photojojo has the best and the most innovative products.

We have a lot of lenses, phone holders and mini tripods from photojojo, the pain for us was to lug them around in a plastic bag. To solve that problem for their many customers, they created lens wallet. It works great, and since it is rollup design, you can put a lot of stuff into it. Worst case if you cannot close it with the snap enclosure, you can put a rubber band around it.


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