Piggy Woogy Fun for iPhone – Puzzler With an Added Challenge

Piggy Woogy

Piggy Woogy Fun for iPhone is a Puzzle game in the style of Bejeweled. You have an array of jewels and must arrange them to get three or more in a row. Upon getting three in a row, that entire column or row of jewels disappears. You can only move one jewel at a time by switching its place with a jewel right next to it.

 Added Challenge

Piggy Woogy has an added challenge. In this game, which as the name implies, involves little piggies, there are big bad wolves trying to climb the columns. You must arrange jewels in such a way so that they columns disappear while the wolves are climbing, causing them to fall. If too many wolves make it to the top, it’s game over, man, game over.



The game is actually pretty hard. It’s not the figuring out where to move the jewels part. It’s trying to eliminate them before the wolves climb to the top. The constant pressure of trying to eliminate columns before those jerks reach the top is a challenge. It’s pretty hard, too.



While the game is definitely fun, it’s actually quite difficult. Younger kids may not be able to beat the levels, and that may become frustrating to them. However, slightly older kids and adults may enjoy the challenge. It’s definitely a pick up and play-type game. Just remember that you will definitely lose a few times.


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