Proview Profile Shows Company is Nearly Dead, And Has Nothing Going For It


The ongoing trademark dispute between Proview and Apple over the iPad trademark has brought up more information on the folks suing the Cupertino company. Reuters today published a look at Proview, and found that the company is not doing well at all, and is almost entirely hoping that they can survive based on this fight with Apple over the iPad name.

Things are very bad for Proview, according to the report. They are holding out in hopes that they will win the lawsuit and in turn get a ton of money back to help keep them afloat. It’s not clear how likely that is since the Chinese courts already disagreed to Proview’s request to halt iPad sales while the case is resolved.

Furthermore, the report paints a bleak picture for preview. It says that the company once employed 18,000 people. Now, they are down to a few hundred. Most of their buildings are shut down and most work at the company’s Wuhan plant.

It’s unfortunate that a once prosperous company is seeing its demise, but Apple shouldn’t have to fix their problems for them. Then again, this is of course a trademark dispute. Still, Apple argues that they acquired the trademark fairly (though Proview says otherwise).

You can read the full report here. It’s pretty extensive: Reuters via Yahoo Finance

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