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Anyone who read Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography already knows a lot about the late Apple co-founder and CEO. The book was honest. As many have already noted, much of it was unflattering. Steve knew this going in, but he had no problem with it as he wanted it to be an honest story of his life. However, he did say he wouldn’t be reading it immediately, as he knew he wouldn’t like some of the stuff that would be said of him.

Now there is an FBI file for Steve Jobs. It’s nearly 200 pages of reading, and it talks about many parts of his life. Some of it is about his drug use early in life. As far as we know it was just marijuana and acid. There is plenty more in there, but not all of it speaks poorly of him. It’s just Steve Jobs. Again, at a glance, it doesn’t seem like there is anything that the book didn’t tell us, but it will take some further reading to figure that out.

Where exactly does the FBI file come from? Apparently Steve was being considered for a government position as part of the Bush administration in 1991. This was back when he was working with NeXT.

You can read plenty of stuff on the man below:

Steve Jobs’ FBI File


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