Report: Apple Allowing Independent Environmental Audits of Supply Chain


A recent report from USA Today, says that Apple is going to allow environmental audits of their Chinese suppliers, allowing for independent reviews of the supply chain.

 Aside from all the criticism about Apple’s assemblers mistreating workers, there are complaints of component suppliers and their methods. It’s said that many of these factories release lots of toxic pollution, and prominent environmental activists want to take a look at how things are handled at the factories of suppliers.

Here’s a portion of the report:

“Ma Jun, founder of the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs, told USA TODAY in a phone interview Monday that Apple agreed to the independent reviews in late January in response to two reports that IPE and other environmental groups released last year documenting hazardous-waste leaks and the use of toxic chemicals at suspected Apple suppliers.”

These investigations would grant the environmental groups access to the factories, and will focus solely on environmental issues, such as how toxic waste is handled. It’s said that the reviews could begin in March, and will begin with the investigations of two suppliers. It’s said that it may expand from there.

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