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This is still rumor, and it comes from Digitimes. Apparently, Apple wants to go with an IGZO OLED panel for their HDTV, or iTV or whatever they call it. Fine and dandy, however, Samsung and Sharp don’t want to sell them the parts.

The problem? it seems that they can’t manage to produce the amount of panels that Apple would need in order to get the device on the market. It’s an Apple product, so there is little doubt that the thing will sell like crazy. Here’s a portion of the report:

Apple reportedly has sought to source IGZO panels from Sharp for the production of iTVs as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, which unveiled their 55-inch Super OLED and AMOLED TV models, respectively, at CES, both have regarded OLED TVs are their killer products for 2012, and therefore the two Korea-based companies are unlikely to share OLED panel production capacities with Apple.

Although Sharp’s 8G lines are able to produce panels in 32- 46- and even 55-inch sizes, the Japan-based panel maker seems unready to start shipping the IGZO panels needed for the production of iTV sets, the sources indicated. Additionally, yield rates of Sharp’s IGZO panels are also a major concern.

Website CultofMac offers their own analysis of the situation. They don’t believe it for a second. They say that OLED costs way too much, and that Apple’s reluctance to adopt the technology for their mobile devices is an indication of them not wanting to go with it for a while. Especially when it comes to TV. Makes more sense than all the mystery sources we keep hearing about.

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