Accessory Spotter: RingO Wall Mount Hands-On (iSmashPhone Review)




The Wall Mount is a discrete and stylishly-designed button that can be screwed onto almost any surface. Any tablet with a Vogel’s Holder can then be easily clicked onto the Wall Mount so it hangs safely in place, ready for viewing films, photos, recipes, or any other application. Once mounted, the tablet can be freely rotated through 360 degrees, and the locking system ensures stable and secure support. And unmounting the tablet is just as easy.

RingO Wall Mount

This is Vogel’s wall mount. It’s the unit we used and tested. However, it is a full mounting system. You can buy additional accessories such as table stands, car mounts and flex mounts. They all work the same way. Your tablet of choice (in our case an iPad) has a special case with a circular notch in the back. This notch can then be hooked up onto the mount.

The case is also nice. It is designed so that it can work with Apple’s Smart Cover. The only qualm we have with it is that it’s a bit hard to snap the iPad on at first. We didn’t quite get it right the first time, so we suggest making sure it’s latched on well. However, once you get the hang of how to hook it on, you are good.

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