Rumor: Apple Preparing for “Micro Dock” Connectors in Future iOS Devices?


A recent rumor citing a “solid source” says that Apple may be switching up their dock connectors in a future generation of iOS devices. If true, the “micro dock” would be a good deal smaller than the current 30-pin connector found on iOS devices.

We shouldn’t speculate too much. It may not even be true, but the purpose would ultimately be to reduce size and thickness of iOS devices as well as making more room for other components such as the battery or LTE chips.

Whether it will be in the next iPhone isn’t clear yet, but it’s very possible that Apple is looking into smaller solutions, as we’ve heard such rumors in the past. There’s been everything from rumors of Thunderbolt to rumors of a MagsSafe-type connector. Perhaps Apple is looking for a smaller solution, but hasn’t decided on a route to take yet. Apple is definitely not opposed to changing up ports on their devices as anyone who’s had to buy a few of those little display port connections probably knows.

[Via Cult of Mac]

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