Rumor: iPad 3 Will Have Siri Support


The latest iPad 3 rumor to emerge isn’t something we weren’t’ already expecting. They say that the new tablet will incorporate Siri, just like the iPhone 4S.

Siri is the voice control feature that debuted with the iPhone 4S. It allows users to speak into their iPhone and give it commands. It’s very intelligent as it seems to understand natural speech. For instance, rather than having to say something like, “Find local restaurants,” you can say something more along the lines of, “I’m hungry.” Siri will be smart enough to know that you want to find some local eateries and will do a search with a, “here are some restaurants in your area.”

The processor, as we learned yesterday, may be an A5X. This is rumored to be a dual-core chip, unlike the rumored (well more speculated than rumored) quad-core A6 the iPad 3 was expected to have.

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[Via Apple Insider]

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