Accessory Spotter: Satechi R1 Arm Hinge Holder Stand (iSmashPhone Review)

Arm Hinge Holder Stand


Product Description:

Satechi R1 is the high-style desktop stand for any 7″ to 10″ tablet. Constructed from solid aluminum, the R1’s supporting grips are finished in rubber to hold your tablet securely in place. It’s compatible with most cases, too. The R1 will hold your tablet at the right height and angle you determine to be for desktop use – perfect for working with a Bluetooth keyboard, watching movies or video conferencing on Facetime. Satechi R1 will keep your tablet at infinite possibilities of operation.

Satechi R1 Arm Hinge Holder Standex

This thing was beautiful. It’s all aluminum. It looks great around my all Mac hardware. The stand is collapsable, and  pouch provided for travel. If you are looking for a stylish iPad stand, this is it. It goes great next to an iMac. Mount your iPad, use a wireless keyboard, and it’s like having a baby iMac on your desk.

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