Soldier’s iPod Returned From 6,000 Miles Away

Dalton Williams

This heartwarming story has been making rounds on the internet today.

A 14-year-old kid named Dalton Williams was sitting on the couch in a hospital waiting room in North Carolina. He found an iPod shuffle between the cushions of the couch and was barely able to reach in to retrieve it.

Perhaps his original intent was to keep his cool new iPod, but he charged it up and took a look. In it he found pictures of military helicopters and contact lists with names and ranks of military people. That’s when he realized that the iPod was truly valuable to someone. The iPod belonged to a soldier named Ventrice Curtis, who was 6,000 miles away from his iPod, in Iraq. Somehow, the device was supposed to have been mailed home, but was lost in transit. It was supposed to end up with Curtis’ father in Louisiana, but it never made it there.

Williams and his dad were able to return the iPod to Curtis. When Curtis spoke to the media about having his iPod returned, he said that he was glad Dalton Williams had returned the device, but what made him truly happy was a letter Williams had enclosed, thanking him for his service.

[Via WFMY News]

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