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Anyone who watched Nightline’s special report on Foxonn last night may have learned about how the factories operate.

The special took an inside look at the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen. This is where workers put together our iPads, iPhones, iPod touches and Macs.

It’s difficult to know everything that’s going on behind the scenes, but there have been some pretty heavy allegations made against Foxconn. Some of what we learned was shown last night, and some of the other stuff was revealed later as more people spoke up.

Foxconn hid underage workers during FLA inspections

According to a recent, Foxconn allegedly hid underaged workers during the Fair Labor Association’s (FLA) inspection. Website AppleInsider spoke with Debby Sze Wan Chan of Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) and learned that the company put all workers between 16-17 years old in other departments. Those working were not forced to work overtime. In other words, she says Foxconn was “prepared for the inspection.”


iPhones are basically built by hand 

The Nightline report last night also showed us something interesting. The iPhone is practically built by hand. The special showed that it’s built in just over 140 separate steps. It’s passed down the assembly line as workers carefully put the components together and end up with the final product.


An iPad Takes Five Days to Build

We also learned that it takes five days to build an iPad. It goes through 325 different sets of hands as it’s put together. That’s a lot of employees, and a lot of work to put together an iPad. It’s also said that they produce 300,000 camera modules for the iPad each day. It’ no wonder consumer electronics giants keep going to Foxconn for production.


Pay Scales and More

Wages are at about $1.78 an hour and new employees must go through three days of training before they can start working. They must also pay for their own meals at about 70 cents each and pay $17.50 a month to sleep in a company dorm, which is shared with around five to seven other workers.


Improvement in the Future?

It seems that everyone is really clamping down on Foxconn and the working situation. We’re sure more information will pop up and we will keep hearing it for as long as our electronics are built. While conditions can improve, we don’t think they will ever be perfect. Let’s just hope that employee safety and well-being is something that Foxconn decides to focus on more heavily. Also, thanks to The Verge for breaking it down as well.

You can watch the special here.


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