Trailers App Hands-On (iSmashPhone Review)

trailers app

The Trailers app was released recently by Apple. The app is a simple compilation of movie trailers. What it does is little more than the Trailers feature of Apple TV. However, this adds an element of sharing.

Let’s quickly go over the sections:



The trailers section is just a list of trailers for current and upcoming movies. You can tap on a movie poster, hit the play button, and enjoy. It’s all AirPlay-compatible. The added function is that you can now share via email or Twitter (thanks to iOS 5’s direct Twitter integration).



This is simply a calendar displaying movie releases by date on a week-long scale. You can see what’s releasing that day and what has released over the the past few days, and whats on the horizon. You can scroll around to see what movies are coming further down the line as well, or search if you want to find a specific film.


Top 25

This is just top 25 in various categories. You can view the 24 most watched trailers, the biggest movies of the weekend box office, top reviewed, etc. This is really nothing more than a way to sort out the movies to see whats hot right now.


In Theaters

This is the best feature. It’s listings of movies that are currently in theaters and  their showtimes as well which theater they are at. Of course you must allow it to use your location. Tapping on a showtime will take you to Fandango where you can make a purchase. This is all handled outside of the iTunes store as the app will redirect you to the Fandango site where you can purchase through their site. You can also map directions to the theater from here.



This simply displays movies you have added to your favorite. If you watch a trailer you really enjoy, you can add it to your favorites. The same goes for theaters. You can add theaters you like going to to your favorites. Unfortuntely, the feature doesn’t seem to be working for us. Let’s hope it gets fixed.



The app is nothing entirely necessary. We like our Flixter app because it pretty much does the same thing. The nice thing is that the app is designed by Apple to run efficiently on their device. It’s free, so why not? Still, we tend to find ourselves sticking to Flixster. Again, it’s a matter of preference more than anything. We have grown used to it, and will probably stick with Flixster.

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