Two More Apple-Related Rumors for Your Consumption (Apple TV and iPad 3 – Update)

 iPad event

(Update: Apple has since announced the official iPad 3 event with the teaser image above)

Two more rumors are coming from the world of Apple devices. One is related to Apple TV, and the other is abiyt the iPad 3. The rumors aren’t huge, but it’s a bit surprising to hear something new about a new Apple TV model. Whether it’s real or not is another thing.


New Apple TV

One recent rumor says that Apple is planning on updating Apple TV. This information comes from 9to5Mac’s sources. The new Apple TV is codenamed J33, according to the report. If it’s real at all, it will launch around the same timeframe as the iPad. If the rumor is real, the new device will have a faster processor, which may be a variation of the dual-core A5. This would be necessary for it to stream at a full 1080p, says the report.

The report also points to a a new remote control, which will be Bluetooth 4.0, and Siri support. The Siri support sounds like a bit of a stretch, then again, we didn’t expect to hear anything about a new Apple TV for a while (aside from the long-rumored Apple television set, which this isn’t).

Also said to be on the way is Apple’s 1080p movie service.


iPad 3 Availability

The iPad 3 is rumored to be on the way almost immediately. If this rumor is at all accurate, iPads have already been shipping, and at least three variants of the tablet (likely the wifi-only models in 16, 32 and 64GB) will launch almost immediately. Rumors say that the tablet has already arrived at ports at many countries. While some say it may be available immediately, (at least it’s possible given that the tablet may already be shipped) but it will be available within one to two weeks of the event.

More speculation says that the iPad 3 may actually include a higher-capacity model at 128GB rather than topping off at 64GB. This would likely push all models up, meaning the base model would now be 32GB. Again, that’s speculation.


Are You looking froward to an iPad 3?

I can’t speak for all of iSmashPhone, but as someone who skipped the iPad 2, it may be time for me to upgrade. Do you skip a model each year? Every two years? Or would you rather update your tablet and sell off the old one, etc? Let us know in the comments.


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