Where to Stream Super Bowl XLVI On Your Computer or Mobile Device

super bowl

The Super Bowl is going to be live streamed by the NFL this year. That’s a first. The cool thing is that you can go watch from NBCSports.com and NFL.com This is on your computer.

Cool thing about watching on your computer? Choose between four camera angles. Pause, rewind and more, which is basically like using DVR and connect via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Pretty cool

As for the mobile app? Well it seems pretty cool to watch the big game on your iPhone or Android device. The problem? Verizon has it on lock. That’s right, if you’re not a Verizon subscriber, you can’t watch it on your iPhone with the official app. The same goes for your iPad or any other tablet. Sorry, non-Verizon folks (that includes us).

If you want to check out other Super Bowl-related apps, check out our list here.

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