Zombie: The Rescue (Review)

 Zombie: The Rescue

We decided we would give Zombie: The Rescue a try. The app is currently available on the App Store for free, and will be for three days. The game is a simple search and rescue-type game with zombies.

Playing The Game

Z:tR’s rules are easy. Avoid getting into the zombies’ line of site, and rescue the civilians before they become zombie chow. You control your character by pointing and dragging a path. He will then follow the set path at a fixed rate (that is considering you don’t have any sorts of power-ups). You must then lead the civilian to the exit door. Again, you must avoid zombies, and you can collect counts for bonuses.


The Good

The controls are simple, and that’s what we need when playing an iOS game. We don’t want to learn complex control methods, nor do we want to spend more than a few minutes learning the rules. It does well in these respects. It’s easy to navigate around an area and you won’t find yourself frustrated with trying to get your character to move the direction you want them to. This is something that even today some iOS games seem to have trouble with.


The Bad

The game can sometimes be a test in patience. We don’t necessarily mean the challenge. It can just get a little bothersome sometimes to have to wait for a slow-walking stumbling zombie to make a round when you want to make a dash for a hostage. Much of your time may be spent waiting for a zombie to turn away from you.



The game is simple and straightforward. It’s also free right now. We’d suggest giving it a try. There are in-app purchases available for those who want to take their gameplay further, but many will find the many small puzzle-like stages the game offers to be worth the initial playthrough.



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