1080p: iTunes vs Blu-ray

iTunes vs Blueray

iTunes version is on the left (Image Credit: Ars)

iTunes now allows for streaming video content at 1080p. It’s a nice improvement over the previous 720p video we had with iTunes. Apple’s new set-top box, the third-gen Apple TV will be capable of streaming at a full 1080p as well. Blu-ray format also allows for viewing movies at that resolution. In fact, that was their huge claim when the format was released.

The folks at Ars Technica ran a few tests in which they tested iTunes’ version of 1080p up against Blu-ray 1080p. They chose 2007’s 30 Days of Night, because of the way it was filmed and edited, which is explained in the Ars piece.

The results are interesting. Most of us probably won’t notice a difference without a side-by-side comparison. The iTunes video isn’t quite as sharp, but it’s difficult to tell without zooming in as far as Ars did for the purpose of their testing. They found that iTunes and Blu-ray both reproduce colors equally well.

Where iTunes does have trouble is with some details like gradients and movement. They are subtle, but it’s probably the most noticeable part to anyone watching the movie.

It’s worth checking out Ars’ full piece on iTunes vs Blu-ray, here.

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