6 Major Features of The New iPad

the new iPAd


Apple today announced the latest in their line of popular tablets, the new iPad. They haven’t really called it anything other than “the new iPad,” so we figure that is going to be the official name. However, we do wonder what they will call it when it’s no longer new.

5MP Camera

The new iPad will feature a 5MP camera sensor. The components are largely the same as the iPhone 4S, minus the 8MP sensor. Needless to say, it should be a nice camera for taking photos on the go. A little large, yes, but nice nonetheless.


1080p Video Recording

The new tablet will have 1080p video recording. They will integrate image stabilization software and noise reduction to make for great video capturing.


Retina Display 

Many were anticipating this with the iPad 2, but it never came. My guess is that they wanted to keep it cost-effective at the time, or made sure supply could meet demand. It’s finally here. The new iPad will have a Retina display.

4G LTE Support

It happened. Apple has finally jumped on the 4G wagon. This will be their first device with 4G capabilities. We’ve heard that this allows for a connection roughly 10 times faster than what we get from 3G. The downside? The Verizon and AT&T iPads are still separate devices. A good thing is that it is compatible across various 3G networks around the world.


Same Battery Life 

The battery life of the new iPad will be exactly the same as the iPad 2, according to Apple’s claims. That is 10 hours of use and nine hours when connected to an LTE network. Thats pretty sweet considering how brutal 4G can be on a battery.


A5X Processor

The processor on the new iPad is an A5X. Apple hasn’t mentioned a specific number, but they did say it would feature quad-core graphics capabilities. This is likely to support the Retina display, which will show graphics at twice the resolution of the current iPad models.


Apple’s new iPad. Available soon.

The new tablet launches on March 16. It will retail for the same price as current iPad models across the board. Pre-orders have already begun, and it can be ordered at Apple’s website.

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