A Comment on Developer Commitment to the New iPad

The New iPad

The new iPad has only been on shelves for a bit over a week (and in some countries, it’s only been a few days). That said, many developers were given access to the tablet early, as is made apparent by many of the launch day titles that made use of the new device’s specs.

Now the new iPad is available to everybody. At this point we can start gauging developer interest in the new tablet. If developers update their apps to optimize them for the Retina Display, we can be sure that they are committed to the new device and the iPad as a whole. It’s understandable that approval times may be longer thanks to the flood of updated apps, but we are sure that if by the end of May a developer has not updated an app for the new display, their interest lies elsewhere.

As heavy iPad users (3-4 hours a day) we actually do worry at times when we don’t see apps we use daily get updated regularly. The most committed developers are constantly adding improvements, bug fixes and optimizing for new devices and versions of iOS. Those are the ones we look to.


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